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A Feminist Manifesto: INDY Style

I know, I know, one of these days you're going to tell me I need to change the name of the web blog to FairerRacing, but this is just amazing. This year four women qualified for the Indianapolis 500. Danika finished 5th, rookie Simona De Silvestro finished 13th, rookie Ana Beatriz finished 21st and driver/owner Sarah Fisher 26th (she had mechanical problems),

That is really impressive but from the FairerScience perspective, Simona De Silvestro's reasons for racing are even more impressive. She is:

Creating a legacy, while on a journey to break barriers is a fortune that is a privilege for a very few. This journey cannot be embarked on without great courage, discipline and sacrifice. Simona De Silvestro has been blessed with such a fortune and is persevering on her path to changing the perception of a sport in its entirety. Female athletes of all sporting disciplines are in a constant battle with commercial forces to compromise their class and dignity in order to satisfy a male dominated marketplace. Simona's quest is to shatter the stereotypes, leap beyond the barriers and truly be a role model for young women across the globe. Having been gifted with a talent that allows her to compete in one of only two multi-gender sports in the entire world (Horse Racing & Motor Racing), the stage has been set for Simona to make her statement and mark.
You read that right? Including the parts about female athletes in constant battle not to compromise their class and dignity and those parts about shattering stereotypes and truly being a role model for young women across the globe, yes?

Say you know that part pointing out there are only two multi-gender sports-- motor racing and horse racing, I think she may wrong; science may be the third.

So you go all of you- car racers, scientists and anyone who's working to make the world better. Thank you!

PS BTW Tom pointed out that in horse racing both the horses and the jockeys can be male or female; but in motor racing we don't know what gender the race cars are.