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The theme of this month's Scientiae Carnival is celebration. Rocket Scientista asked us to join her in a celebration of our STEM successes.

Well today I got something to celebrate and the best part is that it is totally WIS (women in science*) blogger related. Today Anne Jefferson, Kim Hannula, Suzanne Franks and I learned that our manuscript, "The Internet as a resource and support network for diverse geoscientists" has been accepted. We are virtual buddies and virtually we got together designed a really cool study, did it, wrote it up, and it got accepted.

We did a nice job on it (as soon as it's published I'll tell you much more). Working with these three amazing woman has been, well amazing. If hadn't been for WIS bloggers, it never would have happened. Now that is something to celebrate, especially for a Scientiae Carnival.

Kelly J Cooper yells at me big time if I use an acronym without explaining it first. See Kelly you are having an impact on me! (Full disclosure Kelly doesn't edit my blog posts; all errors here are mine.)


Woot! I'm so happy for you guys :).

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