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Toons, Cartoons and Science

I'm a bit under the weather today so I've spent the day reading ALL of the Sunday New York Times, watching the qualifying for the Indianapolis 500 (5- yes count them- 5 women including Sarah Fisher who is a driver and an owner!) and listening to science songs. Yes you read that last one right.

They Might Be Giants have a new cd/dvd out of science songs. Ok yes the songs are for kids, but that's never slowed me down. My favorite song, why "Put It To The Test" of course. With lyrics like these how could I not love it?

If there's a question bothering your brain
That you think you know how to explain
You need a test
Yeah, think up a test

If it's possible to prove it wrong
You're going to want to know before too long
You'll need a test...

Don't believe it 'cause they say it's so
If it's not true, you have a right to know
Put it to the test (put it to the test)
Yeah, test it out (put it to the test)
Yeah, put it to the test (put it to the test)

Of course others of you might prefer "ROY G BIV" or "Meet The Elements" or.... Oh just listen to them here and decide for yourself.

And if that's not enough, I'm also reading Bang, a cartoon book about the creation of the universe, written in rhyme. It's fun and interesting and how can you not love, a book with a warning label that says "This book contains graphic depictions of scientific knowledge which may lead to decreased ignorance and heightened sensations of awe and wonder"?

You know this has been a pretty good Sunday after all.