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It was raccoons

Back in June, I posted asking you all for your advice as to who might be "stealing" our compost. Catherine suggested raccoons and at least for the compost heap, she was right.

The other day Tom looked out his office window and saw 1, 2, 3 fat raccoons at the compost heap. After months dining out of our compost heap, they should be fat. FairerScience friend Seth Campbell-Mortman suggested we name them "Black" "White" and "Bushy" (for their tails).

Somehow Black, White and Bushy pried the compost heap door fame off the base. To get at the compost food, they lift the whole door frame up, take out what they want (they love lobster shells and corn cobs) and then carefully put the door frame back so we can't tell it's been moved.

Unlike most magic tricks, this one is even more impressive once it is explained. Now if we can just figure out how they pried the door frame off the base without leaving any clues..... .