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Introduce Barbie to Engineering Day

I was going to write about Thursday being Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day but hey Barbie, a computer engineer-- how can I resist posting about that?

Yes Barbie, that Barbie.

According to Wired, Barbie the computer engineer has glasses and a Bluetooth earpiece. She's wearing a t-shirt featuring a binary code t-shirt and has a smart phone and carries, a laptop case.

Progress??? Regression??? Leggings? Oh wait as a Go Fug Yourself fan I know that leggings are so so wrong. And oh yes soooo wrong too are Barbie's proportions compared to any woman alive even Twiggy or Fergy.

It's been a long long week -- so you all are going to have decide- should I be outraged? or not pleased? or neutral? or happy? Ok if you vote for happy, you are going to have to explain why..

BTW Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is part of National Engineers Week and there are lots of cool resources including a bunch of hands-on activities.

Thanks (well sort of thanks--did I mention it has been a long week and computer engineer Barbie didn't exactly make it easier?) to FairerScience friend David Mortman for letting me know about Barbie as computer engineer.


Oh I don't know, it's a good thing, right? I don't know that we have to be happy about it, it's borderline "You've come a long way baby..." but it's still better than Barbie being a secretary. Anything that exposes young girls to engineering as a career must be a good thing. Anything that makes it slightly more "normal" for them must be a good thing.

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