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Thank you Susan

Susan Bailey and I started FairerScience low these many years ago (ok it was four and half years ago but some days it seems that FairerScience has always been part of my life--which by the way is a good feeling!)

Susan has spent her life making the world a better place for women and girls including spending the last 25 years directing the Wellesley Centers for Women. Well Susan has just announced that she is going to retire at the end of the year. Wellesley will miss her greatly; I on the other hand won't because I'm planning to get to see her more after she retires.

I'm sure there will be many celebrations of Susan in the months to come but I wanted to get things started early. Thank you Susan for all you've done for us all. I'm looking forward to seeing where your next great adventure will take you and to being along for a part of the ride.