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So what creature would do this?

I need your help. Last Tuesday we left in the early morning for a flight to Austin for WEPAN. As we often do, when we are leaving early in the am, instead of digging up the compost heap, we left the organic garbage in a pan in a shed with a wood and glass door. When we got home we found that some determined creature (or creatures) broke out a piece of glass in the door (about 2.5 feet from the ground) and gnawed a triangular hole in the wooden part of the door (4 inches x 5 inches x 6 inches), about 9 inches from the ground.

The creatures then took ALL of the organic garbage out the shed (all that was left in the pan was some peat moss we use for bedding) and then outside in the yard, decided what things to take (ie. chicken bones, dying veggies etc) and what things to leave (i.e. banana peels and coffee grounds).

So friends, who did this? The holes are too small for raccoons, it seems too ambitious for squirrels (who are pretty fat and lazy from all the bird food they get under the bird feeder). Any and all suggestions welcome.



Juvenile raccons could make that sized hole, remember all it takes is to get the cranium through. Skunk like that menu too.
Aren't you glad you didn't interrupt their lunch?

I've had my dogs skunked and my car skunked but I've never been skunked and would really, really like to keep it that way!

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