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Real Life Applications

This is a combination of a request for help and a plug.

The plug-- FairerScience friend Eann Patterson has developed a great set of real life applications related to the mechanics of solids. He uses skateboards, IPods and even sausages to help students better learn engineering concepts. You can check out a sample leson plan here. Now the bad news is that it costs money to get paper copies ($14.00 for a single copy, $12.00 each for 10 or more copies; $4.00 for 50 or more copies); the good news is that this is what it cost to print and send the copies out; no one makes any money on this (oh wait, why is that good news?). Anyway these are really good activities and I have the data to prove it (let me know if you want a copy of the results and I'll send you a copy.)

So that's the plug. The favor is related. Diane Matt , Susan Metz and I just received an NSF grant to:"work with 30 engineering schools to provide training, materials, and technical assistance to improve instruction in engineering and faculty-student mentoring skills, using research-based strategies to enhance the retention of engineering students, particularly women of all races and ethnicities." I know how cool is that, I get paid to work with these great women to help universities increase the retention of their engineering students.

Anyway, one of the project strategies is using relevant and engaging applications in courses; you know the kind of applications Eann has been developing for solids. So if you know any cool applications for teaching concepts in oh say Calc., Physics, Circuits, Engineering Design, please, please, please let me know. And if they are written in the 5 E format even better!. I promise I'll find a suitable way to reward you.



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