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Rosie didn't just rivet

I know this isn't exactly related to FairerScience, but hmmm in many ways it is. Since it's Memorial Day weekend, what better time to celebrate the Women's Airforce Service Pilots. Who are they you ask? Well CNN, yes that CNN, describes them as the "unsung heroes of World War II"

These women were (and are) amazing. They were the first women in history to fly America's military aircraft, but they weren't in the military. Why not? Well duh because women in the armed services weren't allowed to pilot planes, so therefore any women pilots that the armed services DESPERATELY needed couldn't be in the military. Yeah, yeah I know most of you are saying, "Why not just change the rule and let military women fly planes?"

Oh please, you are probably the same folks who responded, to our earlier post about women faculty being denied promotion and raises for using family friendly polices, by asking "Why aren't we punishing the people who discriminate against women using family friendly polices rather than standing back and allowing the women to be punished?" Because, because, because... hmm fill in your own answers.

Sorry that was, yet again, one of my digressions.

Anyway I've known about and admired these women for years and I apologize for not posting about them earlier. They were treated like ****. Indeed, not only did those who died in the service of our country not get a 21 gun salute; it was forbidden to have the flag draped over their coffins. That would be go back to the part about not being in the military because if they were in the military they couldn't fly and what the military needed them to do was fly so.....

These women like Jackie Cochran really made it possible for women to fly; in so many ways. So this weekend, let's say thanks to the Women's Airforce Service Pilots.

And by the way, if you need to get inspired and teary, check here for more about the pilots of the WASP



just found this video-- you gotta check it out


If you're interested in this subject, read "Silver Wings, Santiago Blue," by Janet Dailey.

What these women did was amazing and when one died they had to take up a collection to send the body home. I saw a documentary on this years ago called "Silver Skies and Santiago Blue" and was enraged and appalled. No equal pay - no honors - no GI Bill for "the girls". It's way past time and I hope President Obama makes a huge deal out of this. I can't even imagine a woman in the 40's saying "I'm going to be a pilot". They did and they were and we need to know about them.

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