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Broadband vs running water

I know this is totally off message (bad Pat; bad Pat) but I so have to post it. Today I got an e-mail from my friend about her son (also my friend)

Jesse is well, in a town without running water, but a nice stuccoed compound of buildings with occasional electricity and broadband signal.

You know at this point in my life, if I had to chose between running water and broadband; no question it's broadband. Oh ok if the nonrunning water was frozen, I might rethink my choice, but hey it's May and I live on a lake (aka a place that has water). I would so totally go for the broadband. Would you?


No way! I want a nice clean glass of water and a flushie toilet! Of course, here I am commenting on your blog at 11:40 at night so who am I to talk...

but you can always go on line and learn how to dig your own well and build your own pump. In the spirit of full disclosure during the December ice storm when we had no power and I was doing a reverse Jack and Jill bringing water up the hill to flush the toilet, I wasn't a totally happy camper; but of course we didn't have web access during the storm either.

Pretty soon I may be living in a house without running water but a broadband signal. Thank goodness for technology.

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