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Dance Your PhD

I just found out about the The 2009 AAAS Science Dance Contest this morning; unfortunately the deadline was November 16th. Hopefully they will do it again next year.

While you won't get a chance to submit this year; you can check out last year's winner and some of this year's submissions:

Brian Stewart was the winner last year for his dance of "Refitting repasts: a spatial exploration of food processing, cooking, sharing and disposal at the Dunefield Midden campsite, South Africa"

And I quite like Monika Schleier-Smith's dance of "Generating Entanglement in a Cold Atomic Ensemble via Atom-Light Interaction in an Optical Resonator"

Ruth Gruetzbauch "The eventful life of galaxies in low density environments" may be my favorite.
I love the idea and the prize:

Winners are matched with professional choreographers and together winners and choreographers collaborate with a group of professional dancers to create a 4-part dance based on the science behind the 4 winning research articles. The result, the professional dance interpretation of the winner's scientific research will be debuted during the AAAS meeting, on 13 February 2009.

There is always next year folks-- we should be getting our research and dancing shoes ready!