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Tom is fixed as in no longer broken!

As many of you know, in June, FairerScience's technical guru (and my husband/partner) Tom Kibler had his neck broken. After four months in a halo vest and seven weeks in a cervical collar, we are pleased to announce that his neck is healed! Each day he's wearing the neck brace less and less and he will be totally out of it soon. It's a very happy day here at FairerScience.

Sadly there aren't a lot of online resources on dealing with a halo vest or with a cervical collar and the information you get from the hospital often doesn't deal with the "nitty gritty". Professional Patient has the best coping information I've seen and she answers questions. Thanks Valerie.

BTW I've learned a lot about dealing with halo vests and cervical collars these last months. Hopefully this is not information you will ever need to know. But if you do...