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Requests and resources

A bunch of requests and resources came in this week including:

A part-time science teacher at an inner city school in London in the UK is producing a web and film project called "Why is Science Important?' which seeks to gather together answers to this question from scientists, science writers and members of the public. She would love to have more responses from women. So if you would like to, submit.

FairerScience friend, Yolanda George, asks that we visit World Engineers' Convention Women's Forum blog by November 26. The World Engineers' Convention, WEC 2008, convenes December 2-6, 2008, in Brazil. More than 5,000 engineering professionals and students from five continents will participate. The Women's Forum, which will be held during WEC 2008, focuses on the perspectives and challenges of women's roles in engineering. This blog encourages women in engineering fields to share their thoughts and concerns pertaining to six categories identified by WEC. A number of discussion questions have been posted to begin the conversation. The blog will run until November 26, 2008, at which time the entries will be compiled for presentation at the Convention. So if you would like to, submit.

FairerScience friend Ruta Sevo has posted 100 recommended resources on women in science and engineering, organized into short lists of selected resources for people who are entering the field.

FairerScience friend Glenn Busby (yes we have a lot of friends and yes we are very fortunate to have such amazing friends). Anyway Glenn's new radio series, The Sounds of Progress: The Changing Role of Girls and Women in Science and Engineering, is now available for listening. It presents twenty-six two-minute radio stories about women throughout history who made significant contributions to science. It's narrated by Kate Mulgrew (yes you Trekkies she's Captain Kathryn Janeway).