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What's the opposite of hard wired?

I started today being so excited about Susan's (yes that Susan, FairerScience's coPI) USA Today's opinion piece, "Gender segregation in the schools is not the answer". It's a good, thoughtful piece, co-authored with neuroscientist Lise Eliot.

And I loved their message:

Boys and girls have much to learn from one another, whether it's academic skills, relational styles, or mutual respect. It's an odd logic that says this can happen better in a segregated environment, and odder still to claim that brain research supports it. If anything, neuroscience research has revealed the enormous plasticity or learning ability of the brain, especially in childhood.

The day started to go downhill when I read the comments. You can read them to or just trust me-- the commenters didn't get it.

The day went really down hill when I read CNN's Boys will be boys, girls will be girls from birth by Anita Sethi. Now you know when an article supposed to be about science starts "As a good postfeminist-era mom, I certainly didn't push my son toward trucks and my daughter toward tutus." I'm not going to be happy reading the rest. Well I wasn't and of course "Why Don't They Hear What I Say?" kept running through my mind.

It was the last line that made me totally insane: "The truth is, gender is only a part of what makes them who they are. If only science could study, and I could understand, the rest of them so well!"

Ms. Sethi I'm so thrilled that you know gender is only part of what makes your children who they are, that I won't bring up that you were reporting on sex not gender. I'm not so thrilled that as a "psychologist who specializes in early education", you couldn't think of even one other characteristic or influence on children that is being studied.