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Girls need less storage

I was going to label this post, "You're so not going to believe this", but on the other hand, I can only use that title so many times and it seems every other day or so I learn about something that could be titled "You're so not going to believe this".

So here's the latest:

Do you know about the A-DATA Disney mini COB (chip on board) flash memory Disk? No well, let me tell you about them. There are two-- first there is the Minnie Mouse who is pink, holds 1 gig and sells for $9.99. Then of course there is Mickey Mouse who is, yup blue, stores 2 gigs and sells for $14.99. Hmmm why am I having a flash back to Milli Mole Doll and Plush Mole Toy?

Speaking of flashbacks, all of this might help explain why PBS Design Squad winner Leah French isn't going into engineering. It just might not be worth the crap!

If you want to complain about Minnie and Mickey (oh my who would want to do that?) try Fry's customer service because I'm assuming you will have better luck with them than Disney, especially since I can't figure out from the website how you would contact Disney.

Thanks to FairerScience friends David Mortman and Olga Vasserman for letting us know about Minnie and Mickey