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It must be update time

So last week, thanks to FairerScience friend Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, we up dated a post about the American Chemical Society.

Now we get to update a post about the search for young people to be on PBS Design Squad.. At the end of the program, one student wins $10,000 for being the most successful in meeting a number of design challenges.

This year's winner is a Wellesley College sophomore, Leah French. Read what she has to say:

“Throughout the summer, I was thinking it would be great to win as a woman. I felt it was important because a boy won last year, and now more than ever, there are more women involved in the sciences. I felt like I became a kind of role model in the end.”

Design Squad itself is concerned about both the shortage of engineers and the lack of diversity in engineering. And Marisa Wolsky, “Design Squad” executive producer and founder says " For our contestants, we look for varied ethnicity, gender and kids who are smart and passionate about engineering.”

The not so good news for women in STEM is that Leah French is planning a combined history and anthropology major. Hey Leah, how about combining engineering with history and anthropology. Now that's a major!