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Stereotype bingo!

We're all familiar with business buzzword bingo, right? That's where you go to a meeting and mark off the boxes whenever someone says things like "leveraging advantage" or "synergy".

Well, Andrea Rubenstein has created a "Geek Girl" Stereotype Bingo card for those of us who spend less time in the conference room and more time dealing with people saying ridiculous things like this:

Being a programmer requires long hours of hard work, at odd hours of the day and/or night. Women need to be able to be at home to take care of their children when they are sick or come home from school. They need to be able to cook and clean house. Employers need to be able to depend upon Computer specialists to be available when problems arise. The tw [sic] callings are mutually exclusive. Women should be encouraged to major in home economics rather than computer science. (From comments here on this article at the NYT)

Stereotype bingo doesn't come with big bucks or glamorous prizes, but, as Andrea says, you do win "the satisfaction of knowing that you have made fun of yet another stupid article on women geeks."

Hey, it's something, right?