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Memories, memoirs and stop the killing

Today as I mourn for the students at Virginia Tech I can't help thinking about the young women students at the École Polytechnique de Montréal who were murdered 18 years ago because they were women who were studying to be engineers. The day after those killings, my daughter, who was then in middle school, pinned a handwritten list of the names of those women on her chest and wore it to school. I cry every time I think of this; today I am crying even more. The names of those young women are:
• Geneviève Bergeron
• Hélène Colgan.
• Nathalie Croteau.
• Barbara Daigneault.
• Anne-Marie Edward.
• Maud Haviernick
• Maryse Laganière
• Maryse Leclair
• Anne-Marie Lemay
• Sonia Pelletier
• Michèle Richard
• Annie St-Arneault
• Annie Turcotte
• Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz


We up here in or near Canada wear a white ribbon to remember them.

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