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Do It Yourself?

Need to know about gender similarities and differences in science course taking?
Wonder how many women are graduating with engineering degrees these days?
Curious as to whether that pesky gender difference on the SAT: Math is getting better?

Well FairerScience is here to help you. No we aren't going to tell you the answers; we are going to show where you can easily get the answers to these and many other questions about gender and race/ethnicity and the sciences. Did I mention it was easy? Honest.

All you need is web access, which of course you already have because you are reading this, and Finding The Numbers: Sources of Statistics on Gender and Science. This two page guide with live links not only describes the information you can get from different sources, it takes you there. And for those of you who want more than existing tables of information, it gives you two tools (one easy one not; quite so easy) to generate your own.

Data geeks unite and find the numbers.