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Sexual harressment- yes it's real and it happens a lot

Years ago I was talking with my mother and she said "I think every woman has been sexually harassed but your Aunt Rona and I think she lied" (sorry K cousins that's what she said).

Sadly this past week there has been so much to remind me that, all these years later, Mom is still right. So where to begin? Well we could start with philosophy where, as the New York Times explained, "Colin McGinn, a star philosopher at the University of Miami, has agreed to leave his tenured post after allegations of sexual harassment brought by a graduate student." Many many thank to "What Is It Like to Be a Woman in Philosophy?" who has been posting anonymous stories of harassment and boy howdy there are a lot. And oh yes on that alleged part about Dr. McGinn, the very wise graduate student has kept all the e-mails. I so hope her courage has not cost her a career in philosophy and isn't it horrible that we have to worry about that?

And oh yes have you heard about the woman who has been getting awful death and rape threats (I realize that all death and rape threats are awful but these are really vilely specific)? Her crime- she, with the help of a Member of Parliament (MP),who is also getting threats, convinced the Bank of England to put Jane Austin on the 10 pound note. The good news is that when you threaten an MP, the UK takes it seriously and at least some of these guys have been identified and arrested.

BTW Jim Hines has done the best example of "sexualharrassmentplaining" that I've every seen. As FairerScience friend Steve Lieman said "Sometimes 3 pictures is worth a thousand words."