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Science History Rap

Science History Rap now that's a concept. When it's Rosalind Franklin vs. Watson & Crick, that's a FairerScience blog post. Without multi- media, I can't do it justice, so you just need to watch it.

It's not the same as seeing/hearing it but I've got to give you verse 3, rapped by "Rosalind Franklin"

Yeah, Iím talkiní Hypatia, yeah Iím talkiní Curie. Iím talkiní Shirley Ann, ladies Iím talkiní me. Wanted to be a scientist since age 15. Became a world class one. Yeah, I followed my dreams. Maurice and I at Kingís were going for DNA. ďShe needs to change her hair,Ē was all that you could say. While you were chasing models I used my X-ray. But what you know about getting your data the hard way? And I showed it was a helix with phosphates on the outside. Calculated helical dimensions, and without my Data to play with you would have taken ages. I was almost there. You can read it in my pages. It has not escaped my notice that youíre a jerk. I should have got a Nobel for my work. But then I died so weíll never know. But itís not too late to recognize me though. Iím not a female scientist. Iím a scientist, man. Look at my work and say ďDang - thatís a nice pic!Ē

and you know the coolest part? The video was conceived of, written, and performed by 7th graders from KIPP Bridge Charter School in Oakland!

Thanks to teacher Tom McFadden for making this, and other science rap videos happen and to FairerScience friend David Mortman for letting me know about it..