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Back and Forth

It's been a more than a bit since I've posted, but if I had to leave a post up for months, at least it was Terry's wonderful story.

Life here has been very good, busy and interesting, so now that I'm back I have a lot to say (I know I always have a lot to say; I'm just going to be back posting about it). To facilitate that process, we are moving to Word Press which probably means that the blog will be down for a couple of days. But do not despair, I'm back, really!

And to give you something to think about while I'm down, the following is from a slide I used in a presentation to the National Science Foundation yesterday.

In the US, Canada and the UK, women are under 20% of undergraduate engineering students.

In Denmark, Italy, Poland, Spain, Mongolia…, the percentage is about 33%.

In Indonesia it’s 48%.

The difference is not tied to academic skills, preparation or course taking; it is tied to interest, motivation, culture and being accepted as a member of the community.

We can do something about this!