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The Eagle and the Raven

My friend Terry Healy-Frey wrote this story and with her permission I am so very happy to share it with you.

The eagle is for men because they are strong; they fly the highest and are capable of opening clams with their claws. The raven is for women; she is not as strong as the eagle. The raven saw the eagle eating some clams and she wanted some too. The eagle asked if she needed help and the raven said “No I will use physics to open the clams.” She knew how high to fly and dropped the clams on rocks below and ate. The eagle fell in love with her because she was clever enough to take care of herself.

I came up with this story to encourage girls to go into science. This story comes from Haida country as told to me by Meju Morrison, my chinnah “grandfather”. To me this encourages women to be smart.

Thank you Terry. It is a wonderful story.