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Blogging works!

So remember that post from a couple of days ago? Yes that one about the boys' novelty kits and as our wonderful FairerScience friends pointed out there were stereotipic girls' kits as well. Well guess what-- while the kits (which look really cool) still exist-- Edmond Scientifics is no longer breaking them out by sex stereotypes.

As they explain

We have officially removed the Girls and Boys Novelty Kits categories from our site and replaced them with a single Novelty Science Kits category. Our original intent was not to project gender bias, but to organize our product selection in a way that makes it easy to find specific items. We now realize that decision resulted in a category structure projecting gender bias and defining gender roles. We regret that choice, as it does not reflect our intent or beliefs.

Thanks so much Edmond Scientifics. I'm so glad to have you back as one of the places I can trust to get cool things to get kids I care about more involved in science.