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Do a good deed and maybe get some cookies: An update

Yes folks we’ve set up a website, “Doing Better Evaluations with Underrepresented Groups” (in STEM) for folks to share resources tied to doing, well what the title says. It’s just live but there are already a few resources up at and with your help there will soon be a lot more.

In case you have forgotten Eric Jolly of the Science Museum of Minnesota and I are on a mission. The mission * is to find out as much as we can about how to better design, implement, and assess the quality of evaluations of projects and programs targeting specific under-represented groups. This includes women, people with different types of disabilities, and people from different racial/ethnic groups. We are developing a guide and tip sheets that will be available in print, and even better, in interactive formats. In order to keep this from being a completely overwhelming mission, we are focusing on projects and programs tied to STEM workforce development at the post high school level.

Help us out by uploading resources, research or whatever you think would be useful here. Do it and you will get our thanks, credit, a copy of the final materials, and three of you will be randomly selected to receive multiple dozens of Pat’s famous chocolate chip cookies.