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Should evolution be taught in schools?

The question: What the heck kind of a question is that?
The answer: One that was asked at this year's Miss USA contest.

The contestants' responses in alphabetical order are here. It's long and really depressing-so I will just give you a preview:

Miss Alabama: No she doesn't believe in evolution and it shouldn't be taught in school

Miss Alaska: Yes because evolution is part of our history but she personally doesn't believe in it

Miss Arizona: It's important to present both sides of the story and let students chose for themselves

Miss Arkansas: She never learned about evolution in school but if others feel they need to teach it to their children...

and that's just the A's. BTW before you get suicidal, you should know Miss California, bless her heart, is a "huge science geek" . She is however waaaaaay in the minority.

So should the next question be: "Should math be taught in schools?" The mock answers are pretty funny until you think about how closely they reflect the contestants' real answers about whether evolution should be taught in schools.