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Love and rememberence

As you all know I rarely write about personal things here, but today something happened that I thought you should know. In March my friend Adeline Naiman died. Adeline was, well Adeline. I wrote about her in December. Yup she was at the birth of Charlie and the MTA. Ok for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about just listen.. BTW this was the censored version.

Adeline was so much more than that- her work on getting kids to computers and oh yes always about advancing women and girls in science was just great. A major part of Adeline was her devotion to all things Marimekko. After she died, her sons invited her friends to come and go through her collection and pick some things for us. I did that today. It was a wonderful experience.

Thank you Alaric, Kieron.Joris and Lesya, I so miss your Mom