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Why I love my friends so much


We are just back home after a very, very rainy weekend in NY, sadly we got flooded out on the Taming of the Shrew (outdoor tent production-- worst rain I've ever seen-- rain beating on the tent so loudly that the actors couldn't be heard and then the tent started to leak...) I was really bummed because it was set in the 60s (Kate burned her bra (I know I know it never happened in life but it was effective on stage); just before they stopped Pertrucio and his servant came in on motorcycles (ok fake but cool fake motorcycles)). Since the director consulted with Dar Williams (who lives in the area) about how to deal with the epilogue, I really wanted to see that.

My friend:

OK. Sorry about the play but reread your email. It is hilarious. You can see a play anytime but how often do you get a story like this to tell everyone? Hell, I'd burn my bra to have watched the tent start leaking in the middle of the play.
Well at least the leaking tent didn't put out the burning bra!

However I still want to see how they dealt with the epilogue. BTW thanks to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival for this and all the other plays I've enjoyed over the years. The rain-- not their fault.