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Hooray for the Senate Appropriation Committee

Senate FY 2011 National Science Foundation Appropriations Bill

Broadening Participation

The Committee denies the NSF's request to merge initiatives to broaden participation by consolidating three existing programs, the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Undergraduate Program [HBCU-UP], the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation [LSAMP] and the Tribal Colleges and Universities Program [T-CUP]. These three programs each have different purposes and engage students and colleges and universities in a different manner. One size will not fit all. The Committee directs NSF to maintain HBCU-UP at $32,000,000; LSAMP at $44,750,000; and T-CUP at $14,000,000. Any remaining funding available for Undergraduate/Graduate Student Support may be used for an integrated broadening participation of undergraduates in STEM that includes institutions eligible for these three programs as well as institutions eligible under section 7033 of the America COMPETES Act (Public Law 110-69).

My very cool new friend Monica Gaughan said today "all research training is federally subsidized" and you know she is right. The Appropriations Committee just helped to make sure that the subsidized training remaines available to students at colleges like Johnson C. Smith and Fort Belknap College just as it is for students at places like Johns Hopkins and MIT. "One size will not fit all."