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Taking my own advice

UPDATE: The show, Why Girls Don't Like Math, is online

So you've probably heard that communicating to the media about gender and STEM is a big issue for us here at FairerScience. We have tip sheets, we have multi-media presentations and we're even doing role playing workshops on this very topic next month at the WEPAN annual conference and at the NSF HRD JAM (I know I know one of the communication rules is not to use acronyms but I can't resist that one). BTW if you are going to be at either meeting come join us. I promise you will have fun and heck you may even learn something.

But alas, yet again, I've been digressing. The real reason I'm doing this post is that tomorrow I'm doing a tv show on girls and math.

Was I following my own advice? Heck no. Well, I did google the host and the program and checked them out with a friend before I agreed to do it; but that whole "have a message", "know your audience and tailor your message and language to that audience thing", not me. I didn't even think to ask who the other guests were until today when we did a tech check. Now I know I've been busy, but that's just stupid. So now that I have castigated myself publicly, I'm off to make sure I have a message. Wish me luck.

After the show is broadcast, I'll post the url and we can discuss how well I followed the rules.

UPDATE show went well but I'm embarrassed to admit, I worry almost as much about how I looked as I do about how well my message about how to get girls more involved in math came across. Show broadcasts in Ontario on Sunday (it's TVO's Your Voice for you all in Toronto-- like you Ali, Carla, Anne, Ilene, Craig et al) and then will be on line. Will post the url when it is up; but please folks let's not discuss how I looked.


Interesting show. I think all three of you did a good job articulating your points.

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