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Women in Science: 50 Must Read Bloggers

The folks over at Health Zone Blog have complied a list of, well I guess you can figure it out from the title of the post, "50 Must Read Bloggers" on women in science. We are delighted to be on the list along with such cool people as Peggy at Women in Science, Alice and Sciencewoman and Zuska. Ok wait, I gotta stop. I know and like so many of the women on the list and as I've been reading the ones I don't know, I feel like I'm getting a whole new group of friends. So here is the whole list, check it out (ok sorry I didn't do links to them all, it's been a long day and I'm tired. So either google for the links or get them here).


1. Scientiae A blog that composes posts written about the vast field of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The many topics include living the scientific academic life as well as the rest of life and sharing feminist perspectives on science and technology.

2. Women in Science Devoted to women in science and engineering from the present to past decades. Learn about women in science and the important roles they have played in this field.

3. FemaleScienceProfessor Written by a professor in the physical science field. Although she chooses to remain anonymous, her posts are full of backbone.

4. Field Notes from an Evolutionary Psychologist This blog discusses subjects on animal behavior. Research is conducted by a newly employed PhD. who conducts interdisciplinary research on primate behavior.

5. Sciencewomen Written by two insightful women who share their professional and private lives. One is a new science assistant professor with a husband and a young child, while the other is a new assistant professor in engineering education in a long-distance marriage.

6. Cocktail Party Physics A group science blog thatís main objective is to produce a site where readers can chat about the latest news and ideas in science with a spin. Find witty, offbeat and unorthodox views of science itself, literature, pop culture, history, and other facets of our society.

7. Fairer Science This blog is funded by the National Science Foundationís Research on Gender in Science and Engineering Program (NSF). The purpose of this blog is for researchers and spokespersons for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to be able to adequately report their findings. This allows policy makers, educators and parents to comprehend findings and make choices based on them.

8. The Happy Scientist Written by a 6th year PhD student in the earth and life sciences. Read about her frustrations, sometimes, on what it means to have a job as a scientist and especially as a woman.

9. A Lady Scientist Follow a 4th year Ph.D. student in biochemistry on her adventures in grad school. Her posts are thoughtful and give you look into her life experiences.

10. The Culture of Chemistry This blog began as part of an NSF grant to write text for learning physical chemistry that combines modern research and the values of chemistry. Topics of research are computational chemistry and molecules with uncommon structures.

11. Eye on DNA Highlights the latest in DNA related research and applications. Written by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei, an epidemiologist and biotech consultant.

12. Blue Lab Coats A veterinarian and biologist who hopes that what she does in her job and in life makes a difference for others. Read about her experiences in hope that it can avoid some of the errors and frustrations she has been through.

13. We Can Sleep Later Juggling grants, peers, and being a female microbiologist are some of the issues this scientist discusses. She has an educated and insightful view of the world and how science relates to it.

14. Thesis-With Children This blog is written by a PhD student at an Ivy League University. She is also a woman of color in a white, male-dominated field. Read her sincere posts on being an African-American scientist, having two children, and trying to have a healthy relationship with a suffering husband.

15. On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess Dr. Isis is a physiologist at a major university. She blogs about balancing her research career with the necessities of raising little children, how to triumph as a woman in academia, and whatever she finds fascinating.

16. Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde Written by a post doctorate in the biological sciences. Hear about her dilemmas about if I work too much or not enough. Her posts are straightforward and honest when vocalizing on being married to a scientist and deciding to have children.

17. DrugMonkey This blog focuses on the women in the US biomedical research industry. It is a large establishment which pushes our economy while improving public health. Many of these articles highlight these women and their voice in science.

18. ChemicalBiLOLogy Help this chemical biologist find the true meaning of Chemical Biology. Learn about her views on molecular structures as well as her thoughts on gender and making it at her male dominated workplace.

19. ScientistMother Find amusing posts from this scientist who is also a mom. She brings light to motherhood and how it is like raising your own experiment.

20. Lecturer Notes Written by a professor of chemistry, this blog focuses on creating ways to make chemistry a more popular subject. Her articles are filled with ideas and make the subject of chemistry a bit more appealing.

21. Candid Engineer in Academia Frequent posts offering concerns on varied academic issues. Follow her rantings on being an engineer- scientist trying to find her way as a postdoctoral researcher.

22. The Musings of a Life-Long Scholar This is a very knowledgeable and informative blog for women in science or students just starting out. Learn helpful tips on life experience in and out of science from this seasoned geologist.

23. See Jane Compute The goal of this blog is to help inform laymen of technology and its effects on society, science, and culture. This assistant professor in a computing field is close to reaching tenure and hopes to create access to technology for everyone.

24. A Natural Scientist Reading this roller coaster blog just might help you realize what the word busy really means. From writing her thesis, working a full time job, and even expecting a baby, this scientist has her hands full.

25. RRResearch Written by a professor of microbiology at the University of British Columbia. This blog focuses on her day-to-day work, describes experiments and analysis, and her interpretation. The hope
is to give non-scientists some insight into what real research is like.

26. Now, what was I doing? Hear the adventures of being a single female scientist in this blog. The articles will keep you in stitches as she talks about her life living in England, her students, and her peers.

27. What a recently tenured college professor shouldnít be doing Being a recently tenured Associate Professor has not lightened the pressure for this scientist. Feel her tension and her relief as she writes about her liveliness as an academic, a wife, and mother.

28. Unbalanced Reaction A Newly initiated Ph.D. steers through the unknown area of a twelve month visiting assistant professor assignment. Read about her struggles while trying to decide to move cross country to a future position.

29. Life as I Know it With just finishing her Ph.D. in science research, this blogger gives you a glimpse of the challenges facing women scientist today. From job searching to interviewing, she has covered all the bases when it comes to working in her field.

30. Candidate Models This blogs posts are filled with stories showing that there are still obstacles for women who are interested in pursuing science. Listen to this professorís wants and ideas for young girls wanting to get involved in science and overcoming those hurdles

31. Dinochicks Blogs Written by a Paleontologist working in Colorado currently doing contractual research, monitoring, and fossil preparation. Postings are mainly on geology and paleontology but there is a bit of bold humor on some other topics also.

32. Thus Spake Zuska Read these posts filled saucy opinions from an extremely feministic professor of engineering and science. She speaks freely about the denial of the scientific community to open their doors to anyone but white males. Her points are very sharp and cut throat when she talks about gender, race, class, and sexual orientation mattering all the time.

33. PodBlack Cat An archive of blog articles, links and thoughts on scientific and education related news and concerns. Features entries and essays on STEM careers for women, gender issues, research on superstition and education of science.

34. Ambivalent Academic Written by a grad student in biology working on her Ph.D. Follow her on her path as she tries to figure out exactly how to get this all done and what comes next.

35. Canada Girl Postdoc in America A blog chronicling the saga of a first year African- American postdoc from Canada. Read these engaging posts on her issues with finishing her thesis, race, gender and just being a scientist.

36. Adventures in Ethics and Science A blog on science with a philosophical twist. This Associate Professor of philosophy previously earned her Ph.D. in physical chemistry.

37. Aetiology A web log by an Epidemiologist with various subjects concerning the science of biology. A strong focus is on the epidemiology of infectious disease including vaccines, medicine, public health and the relation to our everyday life.

38. Bioephemera With a Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology, this woman has a number of subjects to discuss. Her articles focus particularly on genetics, developmental biology and philosophy of science but she also has some helpful hints and opinions on being a female scientist.

39. Discovering Biology in a Digital World Written by a microbiologist who then turned tenured biotech faculty and then entrepreneur. She is now a digital biologist who does research that involves computers. Read her random annoyance of research and examples of ways people use digital biology to discover different concepts.

40. Dr. Joan Bushwellís Chimpanzee Refuge You can tell this pharmaceutical biochemist has a passion for science on this blog. She offers the reader wisdom and knowledge as she discusses the impact science has on our culture.

41. Raising Scientists This blog is all about the ups and downs of this rookie professor of mathematics and science as she starts her teaching career. Posts are funny and witty as she contemplates her students work and behavior.

42. Janus Professor, My Travels in a Two-Body Life This assistant professor in a scientific field at an Ivy League University has a lot to discuss on her blog. From having a baby a couple months ago to having a meaningful relationship with her scientist husband, her writings are full of intellectual thoughts and views.

43. The Neighborhood Toxicologist The focus of this blog is to make people aware of the consequences of contaminants on human health and the environment, especially on marine systems. This environmental toxicologist writes for area newspapers summarizing and interpreting new research on environmental contaminants.

44. The Bean Chronicles A day in the life of a scientist, mother, wife and writer. Read about this scientistsí dilemmas as she struggles with starting a new job away from academia and life in general.

45. Pretty Hard, Dammit Written by a student struggling with the deadline of her quickly approaching dissertation. Stay tuned for further updates.

46. Just a Girl After defending her dissertation on groundwater contamination, this scientist moved with her husband to the West Coast. Her articles are mostly about her new job in consulting but she manages to throw in some funny anecdotes about home and personal life also.

47. Curiosity Killed the Cat Read all about this 5th year PhD student in Science as she tries to overcome her insecurities and own her dissertation. This is an inspiring blog for young girls to read when wanting to pursue a career in science.

48. All of My Faults Are Stress-Related Follow the adventures of this tenured geology professor as she explores the rocks she loves. There are also beautiful photos of the sites where she does her research.

49. Volcanista: a magmalicious blog. While volcanoes are the topic of this blog, there is also enough of information on feminism, social justice, and academia.

50. The Ethical Paleontologist This British blogger is funding her PhD part time being that it is cheaper than full time. She is spunky and has fun blogging about paleontology topics.


The Neighborhood Toxicologist The focus of this blog is to make people aware of the consequences of contaminants on human health and the environment, especially on marine systems.


Thanks for letting me know about The Neighborhood Toxicologist. I loved your blog on peanut butter.

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