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Biology isn't destiny. But don't worry we can change that.

So ok, on average, men are taller than women; but, since according to the CDC half of all men and half of all women, fall between 64 and 70 inches in height, what's the big deal? The big deal is that we, as a society, have made it a really big deal. Think about it. In spite of the overlap, we see men as tall and women as short. We see tall men (and women) as more masculine. And when we see a heterosexual couple, where the woman is taller than the man, it looks, well, off.

This has lead to some unbelievable things. There is a book coming out next month called "Normal at Any Cost: Tall Girls, Short Boys, and the Medical Industry's Quest to Manipulate Height". Amazon describes it as "A fascinating story of medical experimentation, parental love, and the extreme measures taken to make children fit within “the norm.” and says:

Most people rarely think about their height beyond a little wishing and hoping. But for the parents of children who are ridiculed by their peers for being extraordinarily tall or extraordinarily short, height can cause great anguish. For decades, the medical establishment has responded to these worries by prescribing controversial treatments and therapies for children who fall outside of the “normal” height range... [the book tells] the story of the boys and girls themselves, many of them now grown, who were subjected to a wide range of non-FDA-approved medical procedures. These treatments— which consisted of extreme doses of estrogen, pituitary glands taken from both animals and human cadavers, and testosterone injections—often had disastrous side effects.

I'll write a review as soon as I get a copy.

And oh yes, we're not just doing this to our children, we're doing it to our dogs! Check out the breeding standard for Chinook Dogs

The male should appear more massive throughout than the bitch, with larger frame and heavier bone... The desirable range for males will be 25-28” at the shoulder and 70-90 pounds; females, 23-25” at the shoulder and 60-75 pounds.

And no that's not the way they are; that's the way they are "supposed to be". Sigh

PS If you want to learn more about gender ideologies using the height example, read Kathryn Campbell-Kibler's "Why Don't They Hear What I Say? " or better yet listen to her here.