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Held back by physics

Although Pat got hit with some serious winter weather last week my town hasn't really seen any - until today. I woke up to see the first real snow of the season. Seeing snow again reminded me of a snowboarding article I read a while back.

FairerScience has done some sports related posts before but I think Alexis Roland might be the youngest athlete we’ve ever featured. Alexis is a 8 year-old snowboarder – she starting snowboarding when she was 5 and is already sponsored by Burton. She soundly rejects “princess names” and has beaten 25 year-olds in regional competitions. My favorite part of the New York Times article about her? When they point out that one of her “obstacles” is physics:

“At a little over four feet tall and 55 pounds, she just doesn’t have the mass to generate enough speed to get big air, or what snowboarders call amplitude.”

Rock on, Alexis.