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We often deal with serious issues at FairerScience, but every once and a while we have to make an exception and blog on something that will make you smile. Check out the picture of the University of Tennessee men's basket ball coach Bruce Pearl at the Tennessee women's basketball game against Duke. Pearl is bare-chested with a big "V" painted on his chest (for Lady Vols; the team nameóno we are not going to talk about the names of college women's sports teams here; this is a happy post).

Sports Illustrated's take on it was pretty good too:

"Although Duke won the game 84-80 we think the real winner was Pearl, who may have looked a tad foolish, but endeared himself to the Tennessee student body with the display. I mean, we can't picture Coach K or Jim Calhoun doing the same for their school's respective women's teams (or any of the school's women's teams for that matter)."