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DIY Holiday Presents - The FairerScience Way

I know, you are all shocked that I am doing another post on crafts and science . But Iím considering this to be a public service now. One of the trends in news articles lately seems to be the increasing popularity of handmade holiday gifts in tough economic times.

Now, I know people are busy and this wonít appeal to everyone (*cough*Pat*cough*) but here are some handmade gift ideas that might be of interested to FairerScience readers.

Looking for some pretty baubles? Here are two options: Moebius Strip Earrings
or Stellated Tetrahedron Earrings.

Not into jewelry? How about a Test Tube Vase?

Hereís the perfect Botany-related gift Ė a downloadable calendar of carnivorous plants.

Now, I canít knit to save my life, but if youíre more coordinated than me you might want to check out these links to knitting projects related to science and math:

Sarah-Marie's mathematical knitting pages
The Redhead Genome Project Scarf
Penrose Diagram Scarf

Happy Science-Related Crafting and be sure to let us know if you make any of these projects for presents (or just for fun).