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Snuggle up with a Good Theorem

Its been a while since I highlighted math and science in the craft world and I found two great new examples.

First we have mathematical quilts from Elaine Krajenke Ellison, a retired high school math teacher. As an aspiring quilter myself, I am in awe of the beautiful works of art she creates some are owned by the Science Museum in London. Check out her description of her work:

I now work mostly with quilters and pre-service teachers. I encourage the future teachers to try using quilts in their classroom. Quilts serve as a visual introduction to mathematical concepts that allows students to explore mathematics as they gain geometric insights. My quilts will engage the viewer in mathematical visualization, helping to further the role of problem solving.

Next are mathematical afghans from Wooly Thoughts and some of their work is also owned by the Science Museum in London. This afghan actually contains an encoded message!

Have fun checking out these great artists its a wonderful reminder that math is everywhere!