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Communicating Science

So perhaps you've heard that we at FairerScience are kinda into better communication of research results. Oh you didn't know--gosh wanna check out the website?

Sorry, it hasn't been an easy week and I may be worried about my communication skills. I totally goofed up my trip to New Hampshire to canvas voters (I was either too early or too late--yea huh?) and while last week Tom and my first work trip together since his neck was broken went well (EXCEPT FOR THE CAR THAT LOST CONTROL AND CAREENED ACROSS FOUR LANES OF HIGHWAY AND CRASHED INTO THE ARCO BARRIER IN FRONT OF THE CAR IN FRONT OF US) , there may have been a little stress.

But that is no excuse not to let you know that AAAS is doing a series of FREE one day workshops on communicating science. The first one is in DC on Nov 17th so you need to sign up soon. There are a bunch of others so check them out.

PS Thanks to all of you wonderful engineers who were responsible for the arco barriers