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Trick or Treat

Never let it be said that we at FairerScience arenít trendspotters! Way back in April we highlighted the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Thanks to freakgirl, I learned that the New York Times has finally jumped on the bandwagon. Through their very fun article, I did learn about another fun site, Hungry Scientist.

This monthís Scientiae Carnival theme, Trick or Treat, offers the perfect opportunity to return to the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. So, in honor of Halloween, hereís some creepy, spooky, and just plain kooky science and technology-related tricks and treats.

*This one probably counts as a trick and a treat - create your own Edible Googly Eyes!

*I havenít carved a pumpkin yet, but I am now seriously tempted to make a mini pumpkin with an embedded LED display. The LED is a scrolling stock ticker and they even include a helpful video. Their comment? ďJack-o'-Lanterns are supposed to be scary, right?Ē

*Ok, on second thought, maybe the stock ticker pumpkin is too terrifying to contemplate. Thereís another LED options: ghost decorations:

There is so much more geek-tastic fun on the special Halloween Projects Page at Evil Mad Scientist. Check out the projects and costumes and let us know if you make any of them.