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Women in science and the election

Today I'm going to be serious and try really hard not to be snarky. (I'm pretty sure I can do that.)

Anyway, those wonderful folks at AWIS and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) asked the Obama and McCain campaigns to answer 7 questions on issues facing women in STEM.

The questions cover such areas as:

how they would plan to address the need for more women in STEM
how they would ensure that Title IX is evenly applied to all sectors of academia, including STEM departments rather than just athletics (WOOT!) and
what they believe is the responsibility of the federal government with regard to paid family leave.

You can read a side-by-side comparison of their responses here. It's only seven pages and it's full of really important stuff that effects our lives. Please read it and let others know about it.



That's awesome! Thanks for posting the information.

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