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The proposal is in!

I realize postings has been pretty thin here this last week. Thin as in "Where the heck is Pat and why isn't she posting?" The closest I have to an excuse is that FairerScience friend Rick McGee and I submitted a really cool proposal to NIH yesterday (yes many of you know exactly what RFA we were responding to). If the proposal gets funded (hope, hope, hope) I'll let you know more.

While I've been in what is often called "proposal hell", there has been lots of FairerScience type news. My current favorite is about sleep-- Hmmm what does that say about my current life?

Anyway it turns out sleep makes a difference, at least in terms of grades-- "The more days students get adequate sleep, the better GPAs they attain." Ah but it turns out that there are other factors tied to lower GPAs as well-- excessive television, computer screen time, gambling, use of alcohol and tobacco and stress--

Good thing no one is giving me grades (well no actual grades); and hey at least I don't smoke or or gamble.

I think I'll get some sleep, but I need to read some blogs, watch Gray's Anatomy, drink some wine and stress out first.