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It's almost Wednesday

Jenn and I are getting excited about doing our webcast "Why Don't They Hear What I Say?" on Wednesday at 2 (east coast time). We will be talking with folks about why we arenít being heard and what we can do to help people separate myth from reality about women in science. One of the ways we will be talking about is using women in science blogs.

Along with giving folks a resource sheet with examples of women and science blogs, we are planning to highlight
Rants of a Feminist Engineer
On Being a Scientist and a Woman
Cocktail Party Physics
Antarctic Journal

and of course
Scientiae Carnival.

Ah we wish we could highlight more folks, but at least there will be the resource list.

So if you have a free hour at 2 on Wednesday come join us (You can register here).

If you can't make it, they are going to archive the webcast and we will post the link when it is up. We will also be putting a piece on how programs for middle and high school girls can use women and science blogs to excite and encourage girls up FairerScience. If you would like to be included please let me know.