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Good Cheer or Want to be a Star?

Today I was going to blog on a new article from Scientific American Mind: "Sex, math and scientific achievement: Why do men dominate the fields of science, engineering and mathematics?

But it is almost Christmas and I think we need some good cheer. So you'll get the analysis blog on the article sometime over the holiday, but today it's time to kick back, sip some eggnog and congratulate the Discovery Channel for their good taste.

According to CraigsList, the Discovery Channel wants you, reader of FairerScience, for a program called Hidden Cities. They are looking for "an adventure loving architecture, urban planner or engineer."

They say "Via their unconventional exploration and hosting techniques Hidden Cities will reveal the inner workings of the most essential elements of urban life through the structures and infrastructures that make the city work, whilst awe-inspiringly uncovering the history behind them. We'll examine such essential elements of urban life as water, power and transportation, among others."

They are looking, in their words for "talented hosts (Men and Women!) for its next long running hit series. Women, African-American, Latino, Asian and Native American applicants especially encouraged to submit"

If you want to apply, e-mail DiscoveryCasting@gmail.com with contact info, brief bio, picture, the reason why you are Discovery Channels next star and a video link of any television appearances or video reel you may have.

Do you want me to be your agent?