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PBS has Albert Enstein trying to rape Maire Curie noooooooo

Up date: PBS took down "A Very Special Thanksgiving Special. Guess they got enough complaints that they now realize that most people feel having a bobblehead Albert Einstein sexually assault a bobblehead Marie Curie is not a joke, even though the creator thought it was.

Congratulations to PBS (yes the PBS I'm talking about is Public Broadcasting Service), in a five minute clip they manage to sabotaged efforts to:
improved attitudes toward science;
increase diversity in the sciences; and
reduce instances of sexual harassment and rape!

How did PBS do this? Believe or not, with a video, kinda sweetly titled "A Very Special Thanksgiving Special/It's Okay to be Smart." It starts with the host, a real man (white of course) having dinner with a number of bobblehead dolls representing famous scientists (white of course and, with the exception of Marie Curie, male of course). Now that doesn't make me happy but I can handle it.

For the first minute all is fine and then bobblehead Enstein makes an unwelcome sexual advance to bobblehead Curie- she rejects it. Fast forward and you find bobblehead Enstein is now NAKED, and telling bobblehead Curie that “nothing is more important than love”- she gasps. For the closing, the naked Einstein falls on Curie who makes a strangled noise

Do any of the other bobbleheads, or the host for that matter, try to stop Einstein or help Curie- oh course not. Now isn't this "A Very Special Thanksgiving Special" you would like to share with your family? Aren't these just the messages we want to give to girls and boys about having control of your bodies, getting involved when others are being hurt and how great scientists are?

I have no idea what PBS was thinking, perhaps you could ask them- http://www.pbs.org/ombudsman/feedback.html

PS Nope I didn't include a link- if you want to see this one you're going to have to find it yourself).