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The Universe in Verse and Free Through 9/29

Do you know about Jamie Dunbar? If not you should. Jamie draws, writes and produces comic books in verse. Why, you ask, is this something for FairerScience? Well because these comic books are about the Universe.

There are three:
BANG! is about the origin of the universe,
Itís Alive! is about the beginning of life on Earth and
Great Apes! about the evolution of the human race and the dawn of civilization.

They are fun and kids, and many adults can learn from them. Best of all for the next 11 days (through 9/29) you can download them for free. Jamie did a Kickstarter fundraiser and within a week made his goal and is now at twice his goal. As a thank you he is making the books available for free download to anyone in the universe for the remaining duration of his campaign (until 9/29/13). As Jamie says . "No strings attached, share it with anyone!" So go get them here