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So this is why it is so much harder for women than men: An unedited Facebook entry

Woman A: Just saw Hilary Clinton on the Nightly News. Please Hilary, do something with your hair!!!!
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Woman B: I know right!

Woman C: At least she ditched the big black headband!

Woman D: Yea I really want to Luke this but I just had my drivers lic pic taken. :( I need a do myself!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Woman E: Thats why the cease fire agreement will only last about 2 days. The hair had little impact on the cease fire agreement, they told the "HAIR" exactly what it wanted to hear and got Hillary back on that plane home so they didn't have to deal with 'The Hair". Yep, 2 day's and they'll both be launching bottle rockets at each other and Hillary will have seen the stylist.

Me: Woman A I think really highly of you but do you really think that while Hillary is doing a pretty darned good job stopping more killing in the middle East,we should worry about her hair? BYW are we worried about Barak's hair or Joe's hair or....

Woman F: Amen with her hair! She's looking bad!



Woman G You are right Woman A! I saw her twice last year, even shook her hand. If she wasn't my boss I would have told her to go back to the short layered look.

Woman A I feel that people who represent our country need to look professional. She doesn't look professional.

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