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No offense to anyone

Just in case you haven't been paying attention, there's this guy, Dario Maestripieri, from the University of Chicago- yup a fairly famous senior professor, who posted on Facebook that:

There are thousands of people at the conference and an unusually high concentration of unattractive women. The super model types are completely absent. What is going on? Are unattractive women particularly attracted to neuroscience? Are beautiful women particularly uninterested in the brain?

He closed with the ever popular "No offense to anyone". Because of course that makes it all fine. He was busted big time by Drug Monkey in a wonderful post "Professors Behaving Badly". Crediting Drug Monkey, other science bloggers posted on it including Janet Stemwedel from Adventures in Ethics and Science who wrote about the importance of calling out bad behavior and gave a five point plan you gotta read.

Today it hit Inside Higher Ed. Great right? Not exactly. Inside Higher Ed wrote about the "women-in-science blogosphere", quoted from posts by Janet and the fabulous Isis and got a quote from Janet Bandows Koster the executive director of AWIS. What the author, Scott Jaschik, did not do was quote from or even mention Drug Monkey, the MAN, who first posted about Maestripieri's bad behavior.

I'm glad the story hit Inside Higher Ed; I find it really telling that only women are quoted and the man (did I mention Drug Monkey is a MAN?) who broke the story was ignored. By not including him and only quoting women, Inside Higher Ed makes this a woman's problem not a science problem and that is a much more important issue than Dario Maestripieri's stupid comments. No offense to anyone.


Update- the U of C responds


Sure it could have been stronger (well yes it could have been a lot stronger) but hey at least they felt they had to respond. That's progress!

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