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Lego for girls: hardware-hacker style. We can make it happen

So have you ever seen the Lego kits designed for girls? Hope not- it's not a pretty thing. Oh wait they are pretty-in pink-with friends, gardens, cafes and beauty shops. BTW Kate Bacus wrote a great post about this entitled "Legos, spaceships, breasts".

Here is the alternative- a possible Lego kit featuring a girl that is way cool for girls and boys, LadyAda's Workshop. As they explain:

LadyAda's Workshop is a place where you explore all the cool things you build and use when you're an engineer! Computers, pick-and-place machine, laser cutter, soldering station and more! In Ladyada's workshop you can run your own open-source hardware electronics company, complete with Mosfet the cat.

Want to see this available at your favorite toy store from Lego? If yes you need to tell Lego to produce it. 10,000 votes are needed. Vote here. Full disclosure you need to register to vote but you can tell them not to send you e-mail or use your information (which happily is their default option)

PS Hats tip to Olga Wasserman for telling me about Kate Bacus and David Mortman for telling me about AdaFruit


The only girl lego I've seen is Olivia's invention workshop, which was picked out for me by my nieces and nephews, because Olivia looked like me and she had a microscope.

So maybe its not all bad.

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