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STANDS BY MODERN GIRLS. Mrs. Pankhurst Says They Are Better Than Their Grandmothers.

LONDON, April 20, 1926 . -

While many are critical of modern girls, Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, suffragette, thinks they are a great improvement over their grandmothers. Writing in today's Evening News she says: "The girl of today plays outdoor games like her brother, and has regular physical training. The old-time ladies' school has disappeared. Generally speaking, girls now have as good educational advantages as boys. They learn to be self-reliant and capable, and the knowledge that later in life they can have useful careers stimulates in many a noble ambition.

"A volume would be needed to deal with the great changes that have taken place in the social position of women and in their training from infancy to womanhood during my lifetime. What a change there has been from the time when to be healthy and active, to be intelligent and intellectual, to be ambitious to take part in the world's work,
was to be unladylike, unwomanly, unsexed !

"Yes, women are changed, and for the better both for themselves and others. Some there doubtless are who abuse their greater liberty and deserve adverse criticism, but the vast majority are worthy of their larger opportunities and increased responsibilities."

Ah I've always loved the Pankhursts; even named my cats Emmeline and Christabel! Hat tip to Laura X for the story