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Do a good deed and maybe get some cookies

We're on a mission to find out as much as we can about how to better design, implement, and assess the quality of evaluations of projects and programs targeting specific under-represented groups. This includes women, people with different types of disabilities, and people from different racial/ethnic groups.

We are developing a guide and tip sheets that will be available in print, and even better, in interactive formats. In order to keep this from being a completely overwhelming mission, we are focusing on projects and programs tied to STEM workforce development at the post high school level.

We can’t do this without you:
• If you would like to discuss issues of doing evaluations with diverse populations I would love to speak with you
• If you have any resources you think could help, please send them on to me
• If there is research you think we should read, please send me the citations or links
• If you would like to review early drafts of the guide and tip sheets, let me know.

We would also like to see some good (and bad) examples of STEM workforce evaluations done with diverse populations. The good ones will be credited and we promise the bad ones will be anonymous.

You can help with any (or all) of these tasks by contacting me at 978-448-5402 or Campbell@campbell-kibler.com.

Do any of this and you will get our thanks, credit, a copy of the final materials, and three of you will be randomly selected to receive multiple dozens of my famous chocolate chip cookies.

* Many thanks to the National Science Foundation for funding this effort.