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I'm back

Am sorry folks for being among the missing for so long. All is well, it was just quite a spring work wise. With the last immediately due report off to the copy editor and my root canal not scheduled until next week- I'm back. And what better way to come back than to tell you about, if you don't already know about it; FairerScience friend Bev Watford's article in ASEE's PRISIM magazine Last Word.

Her call to action on diversity is powerful and inspiring:

As members of the engineering education community, it is our obligation to acknowledge that specific groups have been historically discouraged and turned away from pursuing what we know is a fabulous profession. It is our obligation to nurture and support the next generation of engineers. It is our obligation to change the way that engineering is portrayed and conveyed so that more children want to, and believe that they can, earn an engineering degree. It is our obligation to nurture a professional community that includes individuals from diverse backgrounds collectively working to create the technology for future generations.

As an engineer, I have often seen that the more challenging the problem, the more innovative and creative the solution. I expect nothing less now.

With folks like Bev and new ASEE executive director Norman Fortenbery (yup another FairerScience friend) I too expect nothing less.